Solutions to Your Co-packing Problems



Pain Relief You Wish You Could Bottle

By Eira Braun-Labossiere


Have you ever gotten a really intense stress headache over an issue from work?

Sometimes it is hard to see the solution when a problem adds to your already large workload.


OK so your head is pounding…


Step one:  take a pain reliever and a couple of deep breaths.

Step two:  analyze the cause of the headache. Is it:

  • An impossible packaging deadline?
  • A printing error on your label?
  • Determining structural and graphic design of a POP display?


It seems to me, my friend, your real solution here is a copacker that specializes in resolving these projects for you.


While there are many definitions of “co-packer”, Repack Canada is all about secondary co-packing.  Simply stated, we take your product (that has already been contained in a bottle/can/box, etc.) and create a solution to transform it into how you want to sell it (or in some cases fix it).


There is no need to stress over a job that you do not specialize in.  We offer fair rates for ridiculously great work and I dare you to find a friendlier team!


Just click on our contact page – it’s painless!