Repack Exhibits at PackEx 2015

Repack Exhibits at PackEx 2015

Toronto Congress Centre — Repack Canada & The Freelance Portfolio were exhibiting at PackEx 2015 in June.  It is a three day affair filled with all things… well… packaging! Visitors walk through a maze of suppliers showcasing their labeling machinery,  3D printers, pallet wrappers, custom boxers, warehouse management software, banding machines and so on.

Repack Canada was a fourth time participant at PackEx; we have always been a unique contribution to the show as the only contract packager/fulfillment team that is OWNED and OPERATED by an ALL WOMEN TEAM.

Many interesting visitors were delighted to discover our huge range of services. We also had some fun with our neighbouring exhibitors.  A shout out to RF Pathways Warehouse Management System and Cre-o-pack for their camaraderie during the breaks.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about The Freelance Portfolio & Repack Canada’s amazing whatever-it-takes service from retail package and display POP design to all of our fulfillment services too.

We are looking forward to what the rest of 2015 will bring! Here is a 52 second slideshow recap of our experience.

Eira Braun-Labossiere

Eira’s seemingly unpronounceable and usually misspelled name creates excellent conversation opportunities. A content crafter for Repack Canada and The Freelance Portfolio, you can reach her via email ( or the good old telephone (1.877.804.4841). Contact me with any questions or to request a quote.