Attending PackEx 2015: Repack’s TOP 10 List of WHY

Attending PackEx 2015: Repack’s TOP 10 List of WHY

By Eira Braun-Labossiere


Why attend the PackEx Show? In a word: DISCOVERY.


But let me give you a TOP 10 List, as I’m sure at least one of these reasons will resonate with you!


1. To See Us! We will be exhibiting at Booth #1468.  Maybe it’s been a while since we spoke. Maybe you’ve never even met all of us in person. Well, come on over, chat with us and let’s learn something new about each other.

2. Hear from Industry Experts – Learn about today’s latest innovations from industry leaders.

3. Learn About the Latest Technology – Watch live product tear-downs and discover solutions to daily challenges in the complimentary show floor presentations in the Center Stage.

4. Information Gathering – Shopping for a new supplier or machinery? Here is your opportunity to cinch that purchasing decision.

5. Network – Strengthen current relationships and find new ones. You’ll find a full spectrum of professionals spanning across the advanced manufacturing industry. Reach your next partner, customer, new hire, and more.

6. Real Human Interaction – The warmth of personal contact in face-to-face meetings instead of the dreaded voice mail or phone tag.

7. Reach a Highly Targeted Audience – Your fellow industry professionals are here and all within a short walking distance in one building.

8. Stimulate new ideas – you never know who or what will spark a new creative way to support your business.

9.  Take a break from the office! Get out from behind that desk and meet some people you may not otherwise have the opportunity to. Exhibitors are not only from Toronto but are traveling in from other parts of Canada and the U.S.A.

10. Have fun. Yes – have fun. Nothing gives a business more energy than a good time while working to keep motivated and accomplish more.


Your Next Steps?

1. Book off a day to attend PackEx: June 16 – 17 – 18 … or all three dates!

2. Get your Badge:  Scroll down to “GET BADGE” at bottom of this page to register in advance for your FREE admittance.  (Use Source Code:  FX)

3. See you at the Toronto Congress Centre!

Eira Braun-Labossiere

Eira’s seemingly unpronounceable and usually misspelled name creates excellent conversation opportunities. A content crafter for Repack Canada and The Freelance Portfolio, you can reach her via email ( or the good old telephone (1.877.804.4841). Contact me with any questions or to request a quote.