How Automatic Cartoning Saves You Money

How Automatic Cartoning by Repack Canada Saves You Money

How Automatic Cartoning Saves You Money

Automatic cartoning saves you money; it gives you an edge to help increase your profits.

Part of our on-going whatever-it-takes service means upgrading our automatic processes. And ladies and gentleman, cartoning at Repack Canada just got faster and more efficient with our Langen B1-M automatic cartoning machine.  Which is just a fancy name for our game-changing, kick-ass automated co-packing method to form, fill and seal.

Let me tell you a little bit more about what our automatic cartoning machine can do and ultimately what you really want to know:  how it saves you money.


Ooooooo that continuous motion is hypnotic, with only three points of human interaction.

Almost as exciting as a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory machine (except without the chocolate… unless, of course, we are actually packaging chocolate… did someone say chocolate?… but I digress) we are going to save our clients heaps of time and loads of money with our cartoning friend.

Want to know how it works? Of course you do!

1. A worker manually loads the cartons flat, into the carton hopper.

2. In one fluid motion, the machine gently suction cups a single flat case and as it rotates, pops open the carton, slotting it into a pre-determined section of a conveyer.

3. The carton is carried down the conveyer to the next human station – the filling station where our employees’ busy hands slide the item or pre-packaged contents into the carton.

4. Next, our filled cartons go to have their flaps folded and automatically glued.

5. Filled boxes gently flow into a receptacle for Repack humans to load into shipping cartons, palletize them and whisk them off to their destination.

How Does Automatic Cartoning Save You Money?

You might think of it as “a minute saved is a dollar earned.”  Time is money and co-packing is all about finding time efficiencies.  The more efficiently we can run production,  the better pricing and best turnaround time we can pass down to you.  That is how it works!

So let’s review then – how do you save money with this service?

    • Speed of this machine saves time — this saves us on labour force, which in turn saves you money.
    • You have zero investment in the cost of a machine for yourself.
    • It saves your precious floor space in your own warehouse.
    • Using less of your own labour force boosts your own productivity.
    • You have no machinery responsibilities — no training or maintenence.


Who Needs Automatic Cartoning?

Just one automated process serves a huge range of industries.  What will it carton? Let’s get the wheels turning and list some examples in the food industry!

Secondary packaging with automated cartoner involves just about any pre-packaged food item.  We’re talking cake mix, candy (yes, including chocolate!), gelatin, crackers, cereal, cookies — you get the picture.

Then there’s the personal care, cosmetics, consumer products industries.  Just too many examples to mention but the sky is the limit!

The Re-pack Scenario

Let’s not forget yet another way to save money.  How about those times when your manufacturing process or chain of delivery create some not-so-perfect results. Perhaps some of the cartons get damaged in shipping (oh boy)? Or maybe there is a printing issue (dang!) where new cartons are required?

Often you just can’t stop your current production line to fix a cartoning error or perhaps you just don’t have time in your delivery schedule to send back to your overseas manufacturer to fix it.

Outsourcing to the rescue!  As our company name indicates, we are re-packing experts now with super boosted automated cartoning powers!

We’ve got your back.


Automatic Reflex

With so many industries requiring the automatic cartoning application — our bookings will fill up fast.

That is why you, dear Repack Canada Blog reader, are getting first dibs on booking your cartoning project with us now.

Make it your automatic reflex to call Repack Canada for your automatic cartoning.  (You, the human, are required for this bit!):
1. Call immediately  ~  1-877-804-4841.
2. Get your free quote ~ Our estimators will email you.
3. Book your priority production  ~  We look forward to hearing from you!


Here are 4 FAST FACTS about our Automatic Cartoning Machine:

Fast Facts about Automatic Cartoning at Repack Canada

Fast Facts about Automatic Cartoning at Repack CanadaFast Facts about Automatic Cartoning at Repack CanadaFast Facts about Automatic Cartoning at Repack Canada

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