Direct Profits with Direct Mailers

Direct Profits with Direct Mailers

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An easy promotion solution for almost any business is good old fashioned direct mail.

I use the word “old fashioned” yet clearly it is still a highly effective route in gaining customers today. I know I can count on receiving, on average, 8 to 12 pieces of direct mail per week. Why do marketers still use this advertising method?

Today I share SIX SOLID REASONS and I know there are many more!

Tangible – it is in-your-hands advertising. You can’t help but touch and see the promotion. You may toss it in your recycling bin but I know I glance at each piece in case there is something relevant to me. And if there is, I will save it for reference.

Multiple Formats – Direct Mail goes beyond postcards. You can create brochures, magazines, catalogues. And take, for example, door hangers:

“No, they’re not sexy, but Quiznos spent some of their budget distributing 4,500 door hangers for each of their 1,400 stores. Throughout the campaign they saw about 12% of recipients bring in the attached coupon to a store location and become a customer!”*

Measured – It is so simple to measure the success of your direct mail campaign. Simply keep track of the number of inquiries made or the number of coupons redeemed.

Easy Execution – With the right designer, you can have a stunning get-noticed piece created, printed and in the mail in no time at all.

Cost Effective – brochures, magazines, catalogues makes direct mailing a suitable strategy for almost any application.  This technique has been so widely used for so long time, therefore there is much data to prove its effectiveness. Direct mail campaigns offer reliable returns with minimal  cost.

Supports other Marketing Efforts – used as part of an entire marketing campaign direct mailers become even more effective. Tie it in with billboard advertising, radio or TV commercials, even your product labels! Repetition is a big factor. This keeps your business top-of-mind.


Of course we suggest making your direct mail campaign truly stand out by working with us.  The Freelance Portfolio will design and print. Repack Canada will then confidentially handle fulfillment with distribution to your mailing list. Quick, stunning, effective.


I would love to hear about your experience with Direct Mailers — either as a retailer or a consumer.
Or give me more great reasons why this tried-and-true method of advertising works.
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*Quoted from “3 Traditional Marketing Tactics Local Businesses Should Still Use” by Arielle Hurst, July 15, 2015

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