How To Promote Sales With Plastic Film Packaging

How To Promote Sales With Plastic Film Packaging by Repack Canada

How To Promote Sales With Plastic Film Packaging

Plastic Film Packaging Promotes Sales

Do you want to know how to promote sales with plastic film packaging? Today we explore two popular methods:  flowwrapping and shrinkwrapping.


What is Flowwrapping?

Flowwrapping has many aliases:  fin-seal wrapping, crimp-seal wrapping, horizontal bagging and pillow-pouch wrapping.

It is a horizontal-motion process performed by a flowwrapping machine.  A product of any shape is wrapped in clear or printed polypropylene film like a cellophane type plastic. (Imagine crinkly chip bag material or cereal prize packets.)  It is a flexible package with crimped end seals and what is often referred to as a “fin seal” on the bottom.  A tamper-proof package, it presents a very clean professional looking finish.  See ours in action!

plastic film packaging as flowwrapping - top view - by Repack Canada

plastic film packaging as flowwrapping - bottom view - by Repack Canada







Why Go with Flowwrapping?

  • Airtight packaging – solid seal, no holes
  • Budget conscious – it is cheaper material than shrinkwrap
  • Faster process – because it is automated – ideal for high volume
  • Sustainable — less material required than shrinkwrapping
  • Crystal clear packaging – multiple items can all be seen and “Visible packaging outsells packaging that doesn’t show the product”**
  • OR printed flowwrap film –  available in a wide range of colours for maximum stand-out style and brand impact
  • OR translucent flowwrap film – for confidential mail-outs or light sensitive products


What Can Be Flowwrapped?

Typically the most suitable flowwrapped items range from business card size to oversize A4 size.

  • Promotional samples
  • Direct Mail pieces (weather resistant!)
  • Stationery – booklets, magazines, paper, pens, cards
  • Household products – wipes, sponges, paper napkins, disposable cutlery
  • Toy prizes
  • Leaflets or booklets
  • Giveaways:  scratch cards, phone cards and giveaways in cereal packets and computer software
  • Samples:  wipes, tissues
  • Pharmaceutical products and cosmetics

There are hundreds of products we use every day that are flowwrapped!


The Flowwrap Advantage

  1. When an item is flowwrapped, the roll of film has been cut to the overall width of your product, it is then cut to the length of your product when it is sealed.
  2. When you shrinkwrap an item, there is some wasted film over and above the bag size of your product to run it through the machine.
  3. Shrinkwrapping is run at the closest size film, whereas flowwrapping is the exact size of your product. Flowwrapping does use a lot less film.
  4. Flowwrapping increases appeal to your product.  As an alternative to other packaging methods, flow wrap is done on a high speed automated machine that enables product to be bagged, protected and visible. As the bags are made to size on the machine, there is very little movement within the bag once the product is wrapped.



While flowwrapping has many advantages, shrinkwrapping has many applications that may be more appropriate, depending on your project.

Shrinkwrapping is a process that uses relatively soft polyolefin film in which a loose sheath of film is created around the product, sometimes sealed on two or three side sides.

The loosely sheathed product passes through a heat source, which shrinks the film to the dimensions of the product. The result is a very tight wrap, conforming to the product shape, often with a ridge of plastic at the seam where the film meets, sometimes with gaps in film on either end. Shrink wraps are typically stronger than overwraps and the machines are inherently very flexible.*

Shrinkwrapping is a great solution when:

plastic film packaging as shrinkwrapping by Repack Canada (shrinkwrapping vs flowwrapping)…the product is oddly shaped

…low volume of any one size package



plastic film packaging as shrinkwrapped FAK for Costco pallet display by Repack Canada (shrinkwrapping vs flowwrapping)

…a tray is required to hold pieces together

…the product is larger



And so in summary:  package your smaller products, multi-packs or kits by going with the FlowwrappingShrinkwrap when you don’t need an airtight seal or have something larger to contain.  You will find success when you promote sales with plastic film packaging.


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By Eira Braun-Labossiere

*Definition from Package Machinery.

**Quoted from Convenience Store Decisions, “How to Promote Sales with Packaging” by Marilyn Odesser-Torpey

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