Package Design Done Right ~ Part 1 of 2 ~

Package Design Done Right ~ Part 1 of 2 ~

by Eira Braun-Labossiere


While Repack Canada skillfully packs product into trays and displays, her sister company The Freelance Portfolio creates graphic design magic for those POS displays and retail packs.  Here we provide some insight as to the serious consideration required in package design for getting your product noticed and desired for consumer purchase.

One of our favourite RETAIL FACTS is a follows:

The Freelance Portfolio

“75% of a purchase decision is made at the shelf.

100% of your buyers see the package.

No other form of communication can claim such impact.”*


In influencing consumer decision, package aesthetics are your most important consideration.

Remember photos or films depicting smiling friendly clerks with small round glasses, poised to to flatter their customers with full personalized attention? Those days are gone and consumers themselves must find and select the products they desire, making it imperative that retail packaging act as the “silent salesman”.  With so many competitive products being available on shelves today, it is your responsibility to ensure you give your package design every opportunity to sell itself to your market.

Graphics and information on packaging have reached new levels of sophistication. They must communicate the product, educate the consumer about the product, and promote the product’s benefits. Product presentation must be more effective than the competing brands it will be placed next to — it should stand out as the preferable brand within its selling environment.

If the objectives are reached definitively, a brand’s position in the marketplace can be strengthened, thereby promoting sales.

The Freelance PortfolioWho do you trust to get your package design right? 

You must rely on a designer with the right experience.  Someone who is able to combine their understanding how to convey about your product aesthetically, while meeting Health Canada’s content requirements, design specifications, Nutrition Fact tables and more.

In meeting the desired objectives, the design team undertakes an involved procedure. The team must research category and existing products on the market, create layouts, develop design, write copy, all while meeting Health Canada regulations. The design process must be thoughtful and methodical as colors, fonts, layouts, photography and images, and words are carefully chosen while being reflective of the product. The product’s message, its competition, its target audience must remain in focus.

The designer brings all of these elements together while applying technical expertise to the computer file work. Photography must be of high resolution, images must be altered to desired effect and placed precisely within the layout, artwork elements must be layered correctly, fonts clarified, colors specified, etc. These intricate files must be prepared in a manner understandable to the printer so that the printer is able to decipher the electronic files and output the desired end result.

At first glance, design may appear as a simple activity. While the result should look effortless and pleasing to the eye, the process leading up to it is so much more than that. It is a very specific and involved art that should effectively meet concise communication and competition objectives. Within seconds, the package label must incite positive attention, let the consumer know what the product is and be preferable for purchase over the competing brands. The design team must achieve all things while remaining within the client’s budget.

With over thirty years of experience in coordinating the complexities of package design, Repack Canada’s marketing and design team from The Freelance Portfolio understands how to focus on these objectives, helping to create a product retailers want to sell and consumers want to buy.


Labour of Love – What steps does a great package designer take to make your product shine?   Don’t miss Part 2 next week!

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*quoted from Package Design Workbook by Steven DuPuis and John Silva

Eira Braun-Labossiere

Eira’s seemingly unpronounceable and usually misspelled name creates excellent conversation opportunities. A content crafter for Repack Canada and The Freelance Portfolio, you can reach her via email ( or the good old telephone (1.877.804.4841). Contact me with any questions or to request a quote.