Pallet Displays

Holiday Season Pallet Displays for Banner Stores

Part 1 of 2 – by Eira Braun-Labossiere

Are you ready for the Costco Christmas rush?


Who is making your Pallet Displays store ready for Costco? or Loblaws? or Shoppers Drug Mart? or any other Canadian banner store?

Who do you trust to ensure your pallet displays meet store specs? And that the crucial delivery dates are kept on time?

The goal of your display, of course, is to SELL SELL SELL your product.  So this display must become the best consumer shopping experience it can possibly be.

But let us begin at the beginning…

Displays require a number of important considerations.  Your pallet display must stand out and be as attractive as possible, must also be structurally sound, plus store specs are key.


To create the perfect solution

for the beauty + structure + specs equation

it takes a special kind of experience.


Repack Canada prides herself on building great looking pallet displays that are easy to ship nationwide.  We have been working with clients in the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries for over 15 years, creating magnificent Full, Half and Quarter pallet displays.

In Part II of my pallet displays blog posts I will provide a downloadable questionnaire that will help you consider the many important aspects of designing the best possible display to showcase your product taking into account the many variables that are sometimes overlooked.  (If you can’t wait for part II I urge you to contact us right away!)

Until then, contemplate how you want to sell your product, for Club Packs take many forms.

For instance:


Are you going with Twin packs?

Patak's Twin PackPatak's PD by REPACK CANADA - Dec12_14


Or how about Multi packs?

The Freelance PortfolioCocoaPallet_flat

There is something to be said for Kits!

First Aid Kits - CostcoFrist Aid Kits shrinkwrapped


When it comes to preparing displays for Costco stores, you must TRUST your co-packing partner.  Repack Canada builds Pallet Displays to store spec and delivers on time but do not delay in getting started.

Here’s a friendly reminder to click on:  Christmas countdown.


We look forward to talking to you soon!



Eira Braun-Labossiere

Eira’s seemingly unpronounceable and usually misspelled name creates excellent conversation opportunities. A content crafter for Repack Canada and The Freelance Portfolio, you can reach her via email ( or the good old telephone (1.877.804.4841). Contact me with any questions or to request a quote.