Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude attitude

Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude


We try to practice the gratitude attitude all year long.  (Unstuck certainly helps with gratitude promptsclick here for inspiration!)

Particularly at the year’s end we like to take stock, stand back and ponder the events of the last twelve months.

We’ve had many highs and a few lows — but when experiencing the lows we have persevered through a lot of hard work and a positive attitude in which yet another lesson has been learned.  So no matter what, we have come out at the end of the year with smiling success.

We are grateful for each and every employee that has contributed towards this success and for the leader who cheers us on every day.

And we are most appreciative for every one of our clients who has made us what we are today:  thank you for trusting us with your projects every day.

Let’s raise a toast:  to continued personal and professional success for us all in 2016!




Eira Braun-Labossiere

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