Doing “Whatever it Takes” for you.


President & Creative Director

Idle hands… have never been a problem for Carol. Whether it be building model cars, beading, woodworking, puzzles or knitting – hobbies that involve the quilting together of various components to make a new object have always appealed to The Freelance Portfolio and Repack Canada President. Thanks to 40 years as a designer and illustrator, Carol has a clear understanding of what works and how to build it – a weapon she wields while overseeing a team of art directors, die cutters and fabricators who make her vision a reality. The team and two companies she’s assembled function as problem-solving juggernauts: finding the best possible solution to satisfy needs from retailer to consumer.



With an always cool attitude and impeccable wardrobe, Jeannette sports the title Controller – and it is an apt one. Whether it’s phones, bills or plain old cash money she controls the behind the scenes biz that keeps Repack Canada and The Freelance Portfolio running. As it was when they were growing up in Montreal, she lives just a few minutes away from Carol in downtown Toronto with her family and sweet pup Alice. 


Sales Associate

Yvonne (aka Vonnie; Vonstress; Von-Von) has been working with dedication, as a senior sales associate for the company since 2007. With a background in agency and legal work, she brings a keen eye for detail to all of her jobs and clients while staying inspired by the dedication-infused yet fun work environment at Repack Canada and The Freelance Portfolio. When not on the job, Vonnie can be found running around with one or more of her three busy teenage children, or chilling with her handsome hubby and three furry friends at home.


Sales & Customer Service

One of several resident Lovers-of-Schedule, Eira is also the proud bearer of many title slashes. At work she’s responsible for customer service / inside sales / project management / logistics coordination/ office silliness and more. While at home she’s a partner to Martin / mom to several fur babies / Ricky Gervais’ biggest fan / golfer and film enthusiast. Having joined the company in 2002, Eira has made herself indispensable even from her current location of Edmonton, where she treasonously roots for the Oilers instead of the Leafs.


Sales Associate

As two of Carol’s eldest children, Jennifer and The Freelance Portfolio go way back. And with a fine arts background plus a love of design, Jennifer officially joined the team in 2009 bringing a discerning eye for all things FUN to her role on the sales team. As a good-time-haver and a lover of joy-spreading, she’s in her element planning unique and large-scale corporate events down to the smallest detail. In her spare time you can find her at the rink – whether playing hockey herself or there with her son Jordan who plays Rep A in the GTHL. They live downtown with a sweet little zoo consisting of Bella-Pooh, Babers and Jaden.


Senior Art Director

Teresa spends most of her days combining type, images and new and exciting ideas. Her passion for creating started at a very young age, trading in her glitter and gold Jem Doll for a brand new set of prisma colours. She has been producing design work for the The Freelance Portfolio & Repack Canada since 2000 when she graduated with honours from Humber College in Graphic Design & Advertising. Since then she has bolstered her creative education with web design classes, fashion arts, illustration, painting and personal photography. Her inspiration comes from random creative acts, keeping an active lifestyle, feet buried in white sand and exploring new and old places around the world. You can find her living in Ottawa with her husband and their two tiny dogs.


Project Manager

As Carol’s youngest daughter, Kate has been working at Repack Canada on and off for as long as she can remember. With a problem-solving brain built to zero in on patterns, Kate is a key strategist for Repack Canada’s warehouse division. She’s inspired by the awesome ladies she shares an office with and the way a project looks when it’s completed. On a typical day she can be seen driving the forklift, running between the warehouse and the office and showing pics of her cat Corbin to her officemates. Kate was born and raised in Toronto where she spends her spare time cheering on the Leafs, hanging out with friends and eating delicious things whenever possible.


Warehouse Manager

They say variety is the spice of life, and if that’s true Repack Canada’s general manager Angela has one very spicy work life. Whether in the warehouse or the office, by all accounts she is the “world’s most patient person” – unflappable in the face of the inevitable stressors that come with overseeing two distinct yet connected parts of the business. When not at work she can be found spending time with her two kids, reading, knitting or watching her fave tv shows.


Warehouse Supervisor

Christine grew up in Grenada and takes great pride in keeping everyone on the warehouse floor on track to get the job done, as Repack Canada’s warehouse supervisor. She gets a kick out of walking into a grocery store and seeing one of the displays her team built in action and relaxes by spending time with her children and grandchildren.


Packaging Line Supervisor

Known for her speed on the warehouse floor, Kisher loves to sing and listen to music while she works. In line with the family spirit of the company, she joined the Repack Canada team after her mother Christine started working here. She keeps her fellow employees motivated with a fun, upbeat attitude and, of course, a song.


Packaging Line Supervisor

One of outgoing and energetic Alexcia’s favourite things about being on the job is seeing a task all the way through to completion, while keeping the team motivated. Originally from Jamaica, she spends her weekends shopping, chilling and ideally eating delicious shrimp pasta.


Shipping & Receiving

From the wilds of Westport, ON, Jordan joined the Repack Canada team full-time in the summer of 2014. With a background in construction, Jordan is skilled at breaking down a job into its various parts and assembling an efficient way to see it through. He is, of course, a rabid Leafs fan and can be found debating fantasy football picks with friends on his off time.