TheFPIRepack YouTube Channel

TheFPIRepack YouTube Channel

Repack Canada? So what does your company do?


While I feel our company name is self explanatory, I can understand why we get asked this question.  Hmmm, we re-pack stuff and we do it in Canada…? Yes, let’s be more SPECIFIC!

And you know what is even better than reading the specifics is SEEING it with your own eyes.  And that’s why I invite you to tune into our YOUTUBE Channel.   (

Witness Repack workers and machines hard at it, creating actual Pallet Displays, applying shrinkwrap, bundle wrapping, shrink sleeving, labelling, etc.


And we do so much more! But we will keep on filming and will continue to update our YouTube channel.  Check in for new vids coming soon and always feel free to contact us and ask “Can Repack Canada help me with my project?

Call us at 1-877-804-4841.

Chat with us by clicking on that blue CHAT bubble at the bottom of this page.

Email us from our Contact Page.

Seeing is believing – visit our YouTube page today!




Eira Braun-Labossiere

Eira’s seemingly unpronounceable and usually misspelled name creates excellent conversation opportunities. A content crafter for Repack Canada and The Freelance Portfolio, you can reach her via email ( or the good old telephone (1.877.804.4841). Contact me with any questions or to request a quote.