Top 7 Benefits of Team Building

Top 7 Benefits of Team Building

Top 7 Benefits of Team Building

by Eira Braun-Labossiere


Are there benefits to corporate team building? I’d like to tell you about our experience and give you a quick run down of the top 7 benefits of team building.  Some are obvious and others may be a surprise.  There can be very positive effects that will only continue to propagate.

Our Team

This last weekend, Carol Levy, our fearless leader, gathered us together for what we call our Annual Sales Meetings, but is always so much more than that!

The president, saleswomen, art director, warehouse management and accounting manager assemble at a local resort where we take over one cottage for two nights and three days.  We spend our time in meetings and break-out sessions, eating (oh the eating!), laughing, re-connecting and relaxing too.

Always included in our meetings are team building exercises.  We have a tradition of bowling in teams every year and even have Team Jackets!  Some letting-down-of-the-hair happens naturally with this group so one evening always involves some kind of bonding activity such as Karaoke or Pictionary.

The weekends leave us feeling closer, more connected.  A couple days in uninterrupted meetings allows us to focus on analyzing the last 12 months, while planning anew for the following year.  It is a genuine “rah-rah, team team team, #one” experience for us all.


The Top 007 of Bonding. Team Bonding.

But in the end, what is the purpose of team building and face-to-face time? For our team, or for any other business team for that matter, there are at least 7 benefits* compiled in one neat and tidy list:

  1. Improves morale and leadership skills
  2. Finds the barriers that thwart creativity
  3. Clearly defines objectives and goals
  4. Improves processes and procedures
  5. Improves communication
  6. Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  7. Improves the ability to problem solve


And all without the day-to-day interruptions and distractions that always seem to pop up in the regular work environment.

As evidenced, we get a lot out of these weekends, but what about you?

Could your office benefit from some team building? It can cost as much or as little time and money as you want.

  • It could be as budget conscious as hosting a themed party in your own boardroom on a Saturday!
  • It might be one day event with live puzzle solving:  finding your way out of a room or averting some disastrous event that can only be resolved by working together.
  • It could be as lavish as a week long cruise with multiple events and props for your Annual General Meeting.

Team-building programs provide upbeat and powerful team experiences.


Have A Holly Jolly Team Building Party!

An immediate example for consideration are your corporate Holiday Celebrations.

As the holidays are nearing maybe it is time to reboot your party approach.  Instead of just dining and dancing, why not use the time you have already assembled together?  Make it a more meaningful experience of bonding as a group during a season that is all about good will and togetherness.

Besides being great at team building for ourselves, we are amazing organizers for all types of events.  Let us be your Office Elves:  we will get started  immediately on design and logistics of all your holiday needs.  We will create a Christmas/Holiday party event your team will never forget.  Complemented with holiday cards, gift baskets, anything you need sourced, created or arranged.

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