What’s So Remarkable About Specialty Fulfillment?

What's so remarkable about specialty fulfillment?

What’s So Remarkable About Specialty Fulfillment?

What’s so remarkable about Specialty Fulfillment? Not all distribution warehouse companies have time, space or manpower for specialty fulfillment.  They must turn to a co-packer with unique co-packing skills.

Flexible co-packing capabilities come from years of fixing. It is inevitable in life that projects don’t go as planned or errors are made – sometimes to the point of disaster (see our blog post “How to fix your packaging disaster”.)

Not to worry, though, when you know there are unique fulfillment co-packers that say “bring it on”. You would be amazed at the kind of specialty fulfillment re-work Repack Canada has accomplished over the years, and in the tightest turnarounds.

Here’s how we fix it:

Specialty fulfillment via Relabelling at Repack Canada


  • Various mixed SKUs of unlabelled jam jars with damaged labels arrived on our dock to be sorted, re-labelled and re-trayed.  Then they were shrinkwrapped and re-palletized. FIXED.
  • Specialty water needed case counts changed over from 12s to 4s.  FIXED.
  • Glass bottles of a beverage needed lot coding. FIXED.
  • Cans of seafood had been damaged in transport.  They were shipped to Repack for culling and disposal of all damaged goods and re-palletized. FIXED.
  • Oops! There was a small printing error on labels that was caught before they were affixed to product.  It was cheaper to have Repack Canada to overlabel the error than to reprint.  It also saved the client a ton of recycling and wasting all that paper. FIXED.
  • Some sportswear required new UPC code labels affixed to their tags for retail.  Repack tackled it all carefully by hand, providing a detailed report of our work while also catching a few of their supplier’s packaging errors. FIXED.
  • An ongoing client needed re-labelling and re-formatting of large food industry sized cans of sauce for distribution. Repack had labels printed and we overlabelled, bundlewrapped them into trays, creating two-packs. FIXED.


Seek a specialty fulfillment partner

A highly flexible and unique fulfillment experience is becoming increasingly important, to warehouse distributors in particular. The right contract packager needs to be detail crazy, solutions driven, and an excellent strategist.  Cost and time efficiency are always key, especially in these scenarios.

Achieve maximum efficiency by doing what you do best. When you can’t, then it is time to outsource to a remarkable fulfillment specialist, like Repack Canada.



-by Eira Braun-Labossiere


Eira Braun-Labossiere

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